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Oliver Smuhar

Oliver Smuhar is a multi-award-winning Australian author who has published multiple books and has a Bachelor of Communications Journalism from the University of Technology, Sydney.

As of 2023, he has written 12 book manuscripts, including a #1 best-selling contemporary fantasy on Amazon, many screenplays for film and television, and various comic book scripts for illustrators, including a 4-issue graphic novel series.

He has previously attended the Blue Mountain's Writer's Festival, has done several author-talks at schools like St Columba’s Catholic College and Korowal School, has been on podcasts and has previously been featured in mainstream news media.



Cold Hands

Cold Hands

Inspired by true events.

Think 'Fault in Our Stars' meets 'Euphoria' set in Australia.

What makes you happy, Tyler?

Nothing. My best friend is becoming more dangerous. My mum screams nonsense at me, drunk and delusional. Sometimes it feels like she doesn't know I exist.

I did meet this one girl, Amberley. Every time I'm with her, I feel warm. She helps, but I can't lean on her forever. She's dying.

Besides Amberley, the only time l've ever felt a sort of happiness was when I tried to end my life. It was first day of my senior year and my second attempt at suicide. With a rope around my neck, I jumped, and for a moment, I was happy. There were no thoughts, no worries and no one around.

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"An excellent form to teach children, not only about different species of animals, but to inform them of this disastrous event" - Booklife.

Inspired by true events.

Come gather, come gather, for Illuka, the koala, is ready to explain how he and his friends survived the 2019-20 Australian bushfires.

Yes, yes, he is, he is! All of the animals in the bush have come together to uncover the truth behind Alinta, the flame, and her dancing orange lights.

Please, join us, join us! Open this classic adventure, and follow Illuka and Bouddi, the sugar glider, as they explore the Blue Mountains and face the black sky.

Quickly now. The family herd is waiting!

The Gifts Of Happiness

The Gifts Of Happiness

In a fantasy world where everyone is divided by colour, a young adult, Perry, and his best friend, Faith, are coerced into a life-changing adventure to prevent the slow death of their friend. Unfortunately, their friend is melting and only one person knows how to save him.

What are The Gifts Of Happiness?

The Gifts Of Life

In a fantasy world where everyone is divided by colour, a young teen, Perry, and his best friend, Faith, are coerced into a thrilling adventure after the demise of their home. On the run, the duo learn that they have magical powers; the only problem is that when they use their gifts, they must sacrifice something else in return.

What are The Gifts Of Life?

The Gifts Of Life

Coming Soon

The Gifts Of Love

The continuing adventures of Perry, Faith, Bailey and Co. Book three will explore the red city, Fleddington, and...


The Gifts Of Love

A new science fiction trilogy.



Ion is a standalone, full-colour, young adult, sci-fi, superhero graphic novel series.



2020-2021 - The Gifts of Happiness

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2018-2019 - The Gifts of Life

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Oliver Smuhar a whole new world

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Award-winning Australian author Oliver Smuhar will be re-releasing his original debut novel, The Gifts of Life on June 1, 2020, in preparation for its sequel, The Gifts of Happiness. MELISSA KRUGER had a chat with this prodigy to see what makes him tick.

X-Press Magazine

Oliver Smuhar to release sequel to award-winning novel

The Daily Telegraph - Oliver Smuhar

Oliver Smuhar was still in high school when he released his first award-winning novel. Now he has plans for the second in the midst of a pandemic.

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