Colours of Humanity

About The Books

What are The Gifts Of Life?

Inside this book hides a magical world that is celebrating something special! It's that time of year where every major city gathers for another Ascension Day. But this year it's different.

Inside, awaiting and resting, are Perry's powers. On this day, he, his friends and everyone else who lives and breathes, can use their powers through the ceremony of a godlike light. But this day is different!

Inside the White City there is an evil army. After the destruction of his home, Perry finds himself lost with his best friend, his sister and their servant, Bailey, an Ever who leads them to safety.

Outside, on their journey, the group is forced to use their powers. But as time fades, so does their humanity! Releasing their gifts of life to the world, only leads to mutation. And what was, may never be, but this time it's different!

From the plains of the White City, Kelton Whide, to the forest of the Green City, Everbreen, nature takes its course. And where the Panda talks, a Masked Man mumbles and many white orchids turn to red, what is sacrificed inside this book leaves this magical world truely in awe!

What are The Gifts Of Happiness?

Inside this book hides a magical town of tents that have found something special. After their struggles in Everbreen, Faith discovers an old friend. And although he survived the attacks in Kelton Whide, something tragic haunts his past.

Inside their town, Bailey keeps the peace between the talking animals, the townsfolk and the spirits. However, when receiving the news of the melting boy, he is swept on another journey.

Inside Central City, Perry discovers an assassin. A man who wears a paper cloak with two katanas and a deadly eye. This Papercut will kill anything that gets in his way, including the White Wolf.

Along the train tracks, the group is in shambles. Perry and Faith must save the Blue City from the menacing Masked Ones. But the world is different once under the summit of the ocean.

From the waterways of the Orange City to the dark depths of Drewmora, political intrigue has reached its peak. Only those with open eyes can see the truth. And in the end, when happiness is sacrificed inside this book, the world will be left in darkness.

The World

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Character Profiles

Perry Caduca

Perry spent most of his youth in the paddocks of Kelton Whide. He and his best friend, Dalton, always caused havoc for the Kelton Guard and their parents. He was constantly beneath his father's shadow, and because of this, he’s become a great leader. His outspoken curiosity and stern arrogance place him in more heartache than he would like to admit, however, his friendship with Faith keeps him in check. After the White Beacon is turned on, Perry loses his third sense, the ability to feel anything on his skin. He doesn't get cold, he doesn't get hot, he can't feel a hug from his sister; the only thing he can feel is pain.

Perry Caduca

Faith Brooks

Faith Brooks

Faith would rather worry about the people around her than about herself. She has exceptional talents for painting, drawing, sculpting and laughing. Although she is one of the most powerful Kelts to ever live on Euphoria, she is an only child from a small family who were originally from South Rock. She met her best friend, Ada, in Year Five, and the two would go to each other’s houses and watch the golden clownfish in the Holiday River. Her one flaw is her tendency to try and remain positive. This changes the minute she meets Kygo, and later, after her near-death experience with the Man on the Boat. Fortunately, Faith has not lost anything since the White Beacon was turned on.

Teala Caduca

Teala is the sticky centre that keeps everyone together. After her unfortunate fall during the Ascension Ceremony, Teala gains a consequential fear to use her gifts. To cope with her many difficulties, she grew a tendency to collect plants, renaming them and giving them a home under the Memento Tree. Like most people in Euphoria, Teala lost a piece of herself when the White Beacon was turned on. She lost her dreams, and instead, every night in slumber she experiences the same dream over and over again. Each night it grows becoming longer and larger. Her Dream makes her important because she sometimes can see things before they happen.

Teala Caduca

Bailey Giggles

Bailey Giggles

Bailey lived with Perry and Teala for almost three years before the White Beacon was turned on. Being placed into the slave trade by his mother, he spent an extra two years as a servant for the High Commander, Quentin Caduca, due to one of his brother's disability and the other’s young age. During the group's adventures, his knowledge of his home, Everbreen, is what leads the group to safety. But not everything is black and white, and unfortunately, for Bailey, that saying became true. Like most Evers, once the Green Beacon was turned on, he lost his human form and transformed into a panda bear.