Colours of Humanity #3

The Gifts of Love

(*Work In Progress)

In a fantasy world where everyone is divided by colour, a young adult, Perry and his best friend, Faith are forced to stop a secret organisation known as The Masked Ones. The only problem is that The Masked Ones have taken Perry’s sister, Teala, hostage, hiding her in an undisclosed location.

Join Perry, a young man who can teleport, Dally, a friend who can levitate objects, Faith, the most powerful being in the world, Bailey, a talking panda, Zia, a big-mouthed princess, and a collection of others like a girl who can grant any wish for fifty-two minutes and an old friend who can talk to the dead, as they investigate their home, The Town of Tents, for any clues regarding Teala’s whereabouts.

Experience a new world with the introduction of the Red City, Fleddington, a money-hungry concrete jungle founded inside a dried-out volcano. Unlike the other major cities, Fleddington is unsafe and overcrowded with gambling, prostitution, murder and an obsession with the erotic nature of the human body.

In the series’ darkest tale, uncover how far Perry is willing to go to protect the ones he loves, watch as Faith overcomes her anxious fear of her gifts, and feel the change as Teala grows from a teen into a young woman. When their goals are achieved, red will flow across the snowfields, ending an era.

Our Little Paradise (in space)

Our Little Paradise (in space)

(*Work In Progress - Part 1, 2 and 3)

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In a galaxy millions of lightyears away from Planet Earth, a young bounty hunter, Hydu, is swept on an impossible mission to stop the demise of an intergalactic kingdom; his only problem is that his partner in crime is his teenage sister, Inara.

Join the parentless duo as they travel from one unique planet to another within the five sectors of The Inertia Galaxy: a detailed universe with numerous extra-terrestrial species, a government which has been divided by the sexes, and a plethora of new cultures and languages.

Experience the fast-paced journey as Hydu and his unconventional crew—a spaceship with a motherly artificial intelligence; their pilot, a hound-like alien with long ears; and the newest member, Keeley, a trained warrior and scout—work together to capture terrorist leader Lady No.

Ion: The Last Space-Man

Ion: The Last Space-Man Ion: The Last Space-Man

(*Work In Progress - Issue 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Ryan Tavish, a retired teenage superhero, must leave planet Earth to face his past mistakes and save The City of Stars from a once-just intergalactic militia. Ion is a standalone, full-colour, young adult, sci-fi, superhero graphic novel series. The story will be illustrated within 4 issues, each comprised of 64 pages.