What is the FWF:

At the age of twenty, I was alive to witness the aftermath of terrorist attack 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, not one but two global financial crises, the ongoing Syrian Civil War, and more recently, a global pandemic, a deadly explosion in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, and the 2019-20 Australian bushfires. Although plenty of amazing things have also happened—like the legalisation of gay marriage—the older generations (including millennials) suggest that the world is the worst it has ever been. And if it is this bad for me, what will it be like for my children when they’re twenty?

This is why I have created the FireWorks’ Fund (FWF). Our mission is to raise money through the net proceeds of the creative nonfictional adventure book ‘FireWorks’. We want to offer an amazing Australian story, and in return, the donations will help the environment and make a better future so that our children can live in a world that is healthy, peaceful, eco-friendly, sustainable and equal. This includes our urban and rural ecosystems, our wildlife, our cultures and the norms that accompany them, and our communities.

We aim to help a variety of areas, including the preservation of the Australian environment, the protection of endangered animals and their habitats, the improvement of both community and individual wellbeing and the regrowth of the natural land which may have been damaged through urbanisation, degradation or natural events. These areas will be impacted through the FWF’s donations.

You can keep up to date with the FWF’s donations via our Goals.

Our Vision:

Saving the environment, protecting the wildlife, and creating a better future for the people of tomorrow—our children’s children.

The Book


Inspired by true events.

Come gather, come gather, for Illuka, the koala, is ready to explain how he and his friends survived the 2019-20 Australian bushfires.

Yes, yes, he is, he is! All of the animals in the bush have come together to uncover the truth behind Alinta, the flame, and her dancing orange lights.

Please, join us, join us! Open this classic adventure, and follow Illuka and Bouddi, the sugar glider, as they explore the Blue Mountains and face the black sky.

Quickly now. The family herd is waiting!

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Not Sure About the Book?
Try 'Fire Works in Strange Ways' for FREE!

Fire Works in Strange Ways is an alternate storyline designed to be a sample for the novel ‘FireWorks’. It is a short tale depicting the 2019-20 Australian bushfire season, taking place on December 21st, in the Blue Mountains. The areas, dates, facts and bushfires are all accurate to the real event.

However, before the journey, Bouddi, the sugar glider, would like to say something.

Fire works in strange ways. Yes, yes, it does, it does.
It burnt down my home, it hurt my friends, and now, there’s no escape.
But I need to be brave!

I can fight the fire, yes, yes, I can!
I’ll help everyone who’s trapped inside the burrow.
Because no one, not even a fire can mess with my family.

I’m going to help everyone!

*All audio sounds were downloaded from FreeSound: https://freesound.org

FireWorks Activity Books

FireWorks Activity Book

The FireWorks Activity Book has been designed to introduce the BushWorks series to school student across Australia. The Activity Book includes Find-A-Words, CrossWords, Mazes, Math Puzzles, Colouring In Sheets, Word Puzzles and other fun Aussie activities.



Below is chart that outlines the FireWorks’ Fund goals. The chart is updated every month. The boxes that are ticked represent the amount of money the FWF has raised and which charities have received donations.

FWF Chart

How you can help?

IT’S SIMPLE! All you need to do to donate is BUY FireWork (2021). The book is designed for a younger audience between the ages of 8 - 14. However, the FWF can assure you that the Action & Adventure novel is fun for the whole family.

The book has a variety of hand drawn images, several photographs of the bushfires, the Australian animals impacted and the bushland’s recovery, and several facts about Australia! Not only is it educational, but the story is an action-packed rollercoaster with many ups and down. Think Crocodile Dundee meets Lord of the Ring and an article by Australian Geographic.

So if you want to learn about the Australian bushfire season, or if you want a fun small read that isn’t too long, give FireWork (2021) a read!

Look out for this sticker!

FireWorks Sticker